Settling in…

20120924-055241.jpg. So it seemed like a good idea…move half way across the country and pay attention to the food blog at the same time. All the while, we were having “farewell” dinners with friends and clients. In reality, we ate a lot of restaurant food, much of which was not that notable. It was not health eating at its finest, either.

After a week on the job, it was time for a good housecleaning, and a big shopping trip. We’ve gone from the big city and tiny shops to a tiny town and a giant supermarket. Quite a change. But we did find a lovely little organic café and grocery to fill in some of the missing bits, last night we made our first batch of marinara for the freezer, and earlier in the day, chicken soup. Things are starting to come together. Soon…beans and bread!

And Today's Local Feature is…Takeout!

Gratefully, packing day has arrived, and we’re glad to be having someone else take care of the work. After all the sorting and separating, we’re bushed! Fortunately we have someone local to take care of the food, too: our local pizzeria, Colombo’s. Real Italian, made with love.

The Journey Begins


Good Morning! Those of you who know us as walkablefeast, news flash! We’re headed for the coast. Today we are getting ready for moving day, when we will head for Nova Scotia. Our new home takes us from the urban centre to a less walkable country property. But our commitment to local food and local providers is not diminished. After fuelling up on some homemade Ontario strawberry jam, we’ll begin chronicling the foods we encounter as we drive cross-country…and ultimately land in our new space near the sea. We’re now eatcoastal, and things are about to get a whole lot saltier around here.