Month: June 2013

  • Thinking Back to Winter

    This was a post in the wintertime…but on a blustery, rainy day it would taste just as sweet! As we were hiding inside waiting to see what the blizzard would bring, we wanted something hot and delicious for breakfast. French toast seemed like a good idea. But how could we make it even better? We […]

  • Faster than Hollandaise

    If someone tapped into our social network today, they might even discover what we’ve had for breakfast. In the midst of the net crawling, personal info spying controversy that is filling up the (do we still say airwaves?) we’re still talking about food. Today, a quick substitute for Eggs Benedict. All the rich creaminess, topped […]

  • Tuna Melts with French Flair

    In just barely more time than it takes to assemble and slice sandwiches, you can have this delicious tuna melt, to warm you on a chilly day near the coast. Makes 3 or 4: 3-4 slices of multigrain toast (not buttered) 1 can tuna in water, drained, and mixed with 1 diced tomato 15 ml […]

  • Sweet Sunday Startup

    Sweet Sunday morning! For us, it’s a combination of relaxing and getting ready for Mass. But no matter what your Sunday looks like, it’s great to get it off to a shining start. Having had a very rainy, windy Saturday, something warming was called for. We discovered some dried cranberries during the cupboard cleanup and […]

  • Around the Corner from Nice

    Our dinner plans were foiled. A couple of days ago we picked up some fresh green beans and a piece of salmon, expecting to make a slight twist on the classic Salade Ni├žoise. But some twists of fate kept the recipe off the menu for three days, and third-day fish is never a good idea. […]

  • Take it Outside!

    It’s foggy over the bay this morning, but yesterday was the first hot, sunny, really summery day of the year. We started with golf, then into the city to do some shopping and “summer hair”. Local pork chops were secured from Highland Drive (recommended by Fred as The BEST) and grilled with a little chipotle […]