Month: August 2012

  • And Today's Local Feature is…Takeout!

    Gratefully, packing day has arrived, and we’re glad to be having someone else take care of the work. After all the sorting and separating, we’re bushed! Fortunately we have someone local to take care of the food, too: our local pizzeria, Colombo’s. Real Italian, made with love.

  • The Journey Begins

    Good Morning! Those of you who know us as walkablefeast, news flash! We’re headed for the coast. Today we are getting ready for moving day, when we will head for Nova Scotia. Our new home takes us from the urban centre to a less walkable country property. But our commitment to local food and local…

  • In the Pink

    . This morning’s breakfast: a feast of colour. Tandoori cured pickerel from Hooked, some heritage tomatoes from the farmer’s market and the first from our garden, and a scrambled egg. Watching the Olympics. What a great start to the day. Go Canada!