Tofu Meatless Burger with Fries

Manifesto for a Good Life

This meatless burger isn’t vegan, because I’m more of a flexatarian – I mostly eat plant-based foods, but I do eat some animal products and a small amount of meat and fish. By small, I mean often only a single serving of meat and one of fish in a week.

I’m not doing this for ethical reasons, although there are many good ethical reasons to adopt a plant-based diet. (You could check out Louise Spiteri‘s blog for more on that). For me it is more about health, and economics. A healthy diet can be had relatively inexpensively when we take meat out of the equation. I try to keep it healthy, local, and budget-friendly. I am zero-waste inclined (so is Anne Marie Bonneau). And I know that everyone can learn to cook, so homemade takes precedence over store-bought, for the most part.

I have also learned that taking care of our bodies in simple ways – moving, stretching, and walking, make a big difference in our whole health – physical and mental. That’s why I start most days with a walk. And getting around the village, town, or city where you live on foot, lets you slow down, get to know your community on a whole different level, appreciate your surroundings, meet your neighbours, and feed your soul.

That’s it in a nutshell. My manifesto: Walk. Eat. Live.






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