What Goes with Veggies

We’re back from vacation with a distinct longing for vegetables – which seem to be in short supply when eating in many restaurants. Too much fat, salt and meat has left us hungry for fresh food. As luck would have it, our veggie garden has run rampant, so we have a surfeit of choice.


Our choice? A combo plate of golden beets roasted in balsamic and garlic, green and yellow beans, peas, and beet greens, all steamed. On the side, fish poached in white wine, lemon pepper and tarragon. Feeling full (and full of gratitude that the deer left us something to eat!)

Around the Corner from Nice

20130606-071912.jpg Our dinner plans were foiled. A couple of days ago we picked up some fresh green beans and a piece of salmon, expecting to make a slight twist on the classic Salade Niçoise. But some twists of fate kept the recipe off the menu for three days, and third-day fish is never a good idea. The beans weren’t looking so hot, either.

Not deterred, we gathered a basket of greens from the garden – tender turnip greens, arugula, spinach, chard, beets, and a few kinds of lettuce. Some pretty French radish. It would be enough. We made do with some good-quality canned tuna, a red pepper (locally hothouse grown) and free range eggs. Olives and a Dijon lemon dressing rounded out the meal. How can you be anything but grateful in the season when home gardens are springing to life with delicious surprises every day?