A Little Lamb

20120704-095152.jpg Yesterday was a slow, sultry day, the kind where salad is the best option for any meal.

We had a bit of leftover roast lamb (the roast came from the East Lynn Farmers’ Market, just down the street) and a small chunk of feta (from Better Bulk) begging to be used. So we put this salad together:

15ml/1T each of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, whisked together in a medium bowl
A good handful of fresh oregano leaves, chopped
90g/3oz of diced cooked lamb
6 black olives, pitted and chopped
1 medium tomato, diced
250ml/1c broccoli florets

Our lamb had been roasted in a coating of Dijon; otherwise add about 5ml/1t of that to the dressing as well. Toss the vegetables and lamb in the vinaigrette. Serve on a bed of:

500ml/2c romaine

Over the top of the salads, sprinkle:

30g/1oz feta, crumbled

Serves 2



Earlier this week we were at Royal, picking up a chicken. But they also had these tremendous veal cheeks. So today as the heat returned, we made…cold day food. Go figure! Start some veg; in our case, orange pepper, shallot, and garlic. Then brown the cheeks and deglaze with whatever’s handy. Red wine, in our case. Add some pepper and chopped rosemary, dried chanterelles and a jar of stewed tomatoes. Pop in a 350 oven for an hour or so covered, then boil some potatoes while the pan is percolating along uncovered.


Wait, Where's Spring?!


In two days we’ve entered a deep freeze. The garden is full of tulips but you would never know it is spring by the weather. So what better than a hot spicy dinner to raise the temperature? We were over at Brian and Eric’s store yesterday, and we picked up a batch of kidney beans. Last night we cooked them up, so we had the perfect starting point. But chili seemed too obvious.

Instead, we cooked a batch of vegetables, including celery, carrot, onion pepper, and cauliflower. To this we added some beans, a chipotle, and a big handful of basil. After a good simmer, we sat down to a warming meal. Ahhh.

Greek, but not a Tragedy


Since noticing we have been on an egg jag lately, today’s breakfast feature nothing of the sort. Instead, some strawberries, not local unfortunately but bought at one of our neighbourhood places, Plank Road Market, owned by a charming young couple, Roger and Julie. On top, Greek yogurt (Liberté), cinnamon, and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds from Better Bulk.

Now off to work!

Easter Eggs


Today the marathon of cooking begins…hot cross buns and bunny cake for tomorrow’s Easter gathering. We’re hoping the predicted rain will hold off so we can keep it casual and barbecue. In light of all that, we made a light, simple omelette to start the day, and are about to start shopping and organizing ourselves, finishing everything in time for the Easter Vigil.

For two, we used 2 cups of chopped veg (today’s mix included celery, mushrooms, spinach). These were heated in a pan coated with a spray of olive oil, and then we tipped in 3 large brown eggs from Rowe Farms (via Better Bulk), beaten with fresh thyme and a tablespoon or so of water. A quick stir and we grated on an ounce of cheddar we picked up at Leslieville Cheese. Then we rolled the whole thing up, and split it to serve two. …and we’re off!