What Salad Season Means To Me

Two great things for me about salad season are (a) variety and (b) surprises! We do our best to eat local produce when we can get it, and we are at the height of the #Canadian season, with lots of delicious things in abundance. I have no trouble buying lemons, or spices, or coffee, or even avocadoes from afar. But oh, the glorious greens, the field tomatoes, the cukes…who could resist?

Combine that with my efforts to eat more plant-based meals, leading to new and interesting mixtures of veg – and I’m having the best time! Today I had a Greek-salad-inspired dish with an Asian flair. That’s a real Toronto meal if I ever saw one.



Greek, but not a Tragedy


Since noticing we have been on an egg jag lately, today’s breakfast feature nothing of the sort. Instead, some strawberries, not local unfortunately but bought at one of our neighbourhood places, Plank Road Market, owned by a charming young couple, Roger and Julie. On top, Greek yogurt (Liberté), cinnamon, and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds from Better Bulk.

Now off to work!