How much time do we need to save, really?


Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a long-simmered soup. It’s not. Around our house, we are continually amazed by now many smart, talented people believe it is easier to order takeout or open a high-sodium canned or frozen food and nuke it, than to just simply cook. 

Here’s what we did to make today’s lunch:

Put 2c/500ml (or so, not an exact science!) of veggie broth on to boil. We always have some in the fridge, made from the parings and leftover bits of carrots, onions, and other veg.

Chop up into 1/4″ dice, two carrots and half an onion. The onion was left from another recipe, otherwise we could have used a whole one if we wanted. Put these in the broth with a diced tomato. Simmer, covered, 10 minutes. Purée with an immersion blender.

Add a splash of milk and some leftover rice and beans (potatoes would work, or baked beans, pasta, or even cheese). Stir another minute or two, until hot.

Sprinkle with a few croutons and enjoy.

15 minutes from fridge to plate. So yes, perhaps the microwave is faster, but his is high vitamin, high fibre, and low in sodium – not to mention delicious.

What do you think?