Beans and Cheese? That's a Wrap.


We’re having a great time figuring out interesting ways to use all the produce from our garden these days…lots of spinach and onion are on the menu. Our self challenge is also to be sure we get some protein in every meal. Today’s lunch consists of these tasty bean and cheese burritos.

On a whole wheat tortilla, layer several spinach leaves, 1/2 cup (125ml) cooked beans (these are Jacob’s Cattle beans, grown in NS and cooked here at home), an ounce (30g) of cheddar. Microwave about 2 minutes to melt and heat (or in the oven, if you prefer…just keep an eye on the cheese until it barely melts). Add a dollop of salsa (ours was canned last fall from our own produce) and plain, nonfat yogurt. Chopped green onions from the garden add extra flavour. Wrap and enjoy!

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