Anything Vegan Smoothie

Here’s what we used for today’s smoothie:

IMG_5340Always fresh and local, and made for two. Today, a banana, two plums, three kale leaves, and some frozen fruit.

Put the kale at the bottom of the blender, and the frozen fruit in the middle, or it can stick when the liquid goes in and it quick-freezes!

IMG_5341Sprinkle with some cinnamon. You can also add turmeric, which is supposed to be good for inflammation, but be careful, it stains like crazy. It’s what makes the cheap yellow mustard what it is!

You’re nearly ready to blend now.

IMG_5342Add almond milk or cashew milk up to the 4c or 1L line. Start at the slow speed then turn up to high, blending until you can’t see any tiny bits any longer, and it’s all one colour.

Full disclosure: some ingredients blend up prettier than others. Beets will give you a gorgeous fuschia colour. Our kale today made it very green. And kale plus blueberries? Well, let’s just say you won’t serve it to guests. No amount of justification will convince them that colour is meant to go IN the body.


And here you go!

Essentially, put greens, fruits, even nuts or seeds in the blender up to the 4c/1L mark, without packing them down. If using seeds, give those a blend before adding the rest. If using beet or carrot, grate first, or chop and put in first with a little almond milk, blend, then add the rest.