5K City Walk – Regent Park to Lakeshore Loop

IMG_4282This morning we took a 5km loop from Sackville down to Queen, along Bright to King, then Sumach south to Cherry and along the trail at the edge of the Gardiner, back to Parliament. From there, up to Parliament Park, along the Esplanade, up Frederick to King, and home, via Sumach and Dundas. One of the great things about being out and walking is to see all the sights of your city, town, or country.

The markers commemorating the faces of the Esplanade Parks are not-to-be-missed, like the one of Debbie. And the Parliament Park fountain is very peaceful in the middle of the city bustle.


One of my favourite tiny sights on this 5K loop is the stained glass on the window of Little Trinity Annex.


When we reach the Dominion, a pub near the old Dominion Foundry site, we are in the home stretch. Speaking of stretching, after a good walk, don’t forget to do that!