Pizza a la Parisienne???

On our first family trip to Paris, we discovered the delight of pizza topped with egg. To be fair, the first time it was probably a novelty order. But since then, we’ve tried to recreate this many times. It’s hard to do it properly without a pizza oven – the egg over cooks or doesn’t cook quickly enough. Today’s solution: leftover whole wheat pepper and mushroom pesto pizza, topped with a perfectly poached egg. A great start to the day.

Mindful that there are others who do not have enough to eat, please join us by donating to your local food bank or Philippine relief.


Hole-y Toast!


This is one of our favourite breakfasts, especially if there are kids around. For some reason we have always called it toad in the hole, even though that moniker seems to apply to a host of other dishes. No matter what you call it, the appeal of having an egg cooked right into the toast, and a tiny toast circle to mop up the egg yolk, never gets old.

Butter a piece of bread for each person. Melt a little more butter in your frying pan or on a griddle. Cut a circle out of each bread using a cookie cutter, or a drinking glass. Put all of the pieces in the frying pan, butter side up. Crack in an egg. When you can start to see that the bottom is cooked (check the circles!), flip the pieces. Cook until they are as done as you like, and enjoy with some fresh tomato – or even a spoonful of guacamole and salsa.

Today is Remembrance Day. Please take time at 11am to remember those who have fought to gain the freedom and democracy you enjoy.