Traditional Turkey Soup

This is the first soup we made with the broth from our Thanksgiving turkey broth, in our post Turkey Soup Two Ways:

In a large pot, cook some diced onion, celery, and carrot (a mirepoix) in a small amount of oil, definitely less than a tablespoon. I like to keep it on low heat and cover it until it starts to sweat.

When these vegetables are soft, add any leftover veg you have like carrots or beans, plus half the meat you have pulled from the bones (you can easily get two pots of soup from a turkey). We had used our leftover veg elsewhere, so I added frozen green beans, carrots cut in half rounds, and mushrooms. I also added some thyme and tarragon. This should take up about 1/3 of your pot. Now add broth to bring the level up to 2/3 or more.

Bring this to the boil and add a large handful of fine egg noodles or whole wheat spaghetti that has been broken into 5cm/2″ lengths. Simmer until the veg and noodles are all cooked.

At this point you can cool and refrigerate, reheating over about 3 days, or freeze for future use. Simply thaw and reheat whenever you want more delicious soup.