Our (Toast) Cup Runneth Over


What a weekend! Yesterday we installed the first of two new cold frames in the garden. We’re very excited to see what produce we’ll be able to grow in the first year of this new plot. Certainly we have many, many seedlings started, but the wild card will be the animals. No more raccoons, but certainly squirrels, crows, and we hear, deer.

After a day of house and yard work, it was a perfect evening of barbecue with good friends. We’ve awoken to a glorious sunny day with the sun glinting off the bay. How can you feel anything but grateful. So in celebration, a special breakfast – toast cups with tarragon mustard, Cavicchi’s sausage, jumbo poached egg, and some sliced tomato. Bring on the gardening!

Peppery Goodness


Last night we were craving comfort food after a day of digging – preparing the garden for a first year’s veggie-growing in the new house. It was chilly out, so stuffed peppers fit the bill.

The oven was set to 350F.

We started by hollowing out two peppers and taking a tiny slice as necessary to make them sit straight. Then we sautéed the chopped pepper tops and a couple of stalks of celery, as well as an onion, in chili garlic oil. Next we added some frozen corn til it was a bit toasted. Lastly, we stirred in black beans (home cooked and frozen until needed – defrosted in the microwave) and some cooked brown rice (same story).

We filled the pepper shells and poured 60ml or 1/4 c of marinara on top. They were baked in a lidded, foil-lined casserole for 45 minutes. Then, removing the lid, we grated some extra old cheddar on each. 10-15 more minutes to melt, and they were ready, along with a fresh salad.