It's Spring! (No, Really!)

20130411-204046.jpg Tonight we had barbecue…because it’s spring! No matter that snow is predicted over the next two days. We cooked some local pork chops on the grill and made a salad – the base of which was lettuce. Local lettuce. How local? Well, we started it in our den a couple of months ago. The thinning and culling to get plants that are garden-ready netted us these:

…and a delicious dinner with a Dijon, local blueberry vinegar vinaigrette.

Spring really may be in the air!

15ml Dijon
15ml blueberry vinegar from Boates
2ml chipotle powder
15 ml olive oil
30 ml chopped fresh herbs (we used oregano)

Whisk together, and dress your salad:

Greens, dressing, sliced mushrooms, sliced tomato, and a sprinkling of finely diced green pepper.

What do you think?