Breadmakers for All!

Old-fashioned breadmakerEvery time I tell someone I’m making bread, they answer, “Oh, do you have a  breadmaker?”

“Yes”, I answer, “This is it”.

I make bread the same way your grandmother made bread. (Assuming your grandma made bread). Two hands, some flour, and the best therapy money can buy. Old recipes are best – unlike the breadmaker, most of these are designed to make four loaves at a time. Of course they need some adaptations for today’s modern diet. Shortening or lard can be replaced by a more heart-friendly oil – olive if you’re making a savoury bread, or something with a milder flavour, like canola. Salt (which used to be vital when yeast was more volatile) can now be cut down dramatically, or eliminated from the recipe entirely.

This is a batch I made earlier this week.

Old Fashioned Porridge Bread

I know, I hear you…who has time?! Well, while this bread was on the go I did some cleaning. Worked on my French homework. Watched some television.  Not to mention that other than the oven to bake it, the only energy used was mine.

It’s full of delicious, tasty things. (I substituted some rolled spelt flakes and whole wheat flour).  The last loaf has some dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds in it. Those things, plus white flour, yeast, and some brown sugar, came from Better Bulk.

So get your breadmakers working – it’s faster than a breadmaker. You get more bread. And the kneading is the best therapy money can buy.

What do you think?