Strawberry Shortcake, Maritime Style

We East Coasters like our shortcake a certain way. First, it doesn’t really involve cake. It takes biscuits. We make fresh, hot tea biscuits. We top them with sliced strawberries that have been sprinkled with a spoonful or two of sugar (no more!) and allowed to make some juice.

Then we give each shortcake a dollop of delicious, cool whipped cream with vanilla and just a hint of sugar. Summer on a plate!

A Heartwarming Breakfast

Berry season!

There’s no better breakfast than some fresh-made jam from your own kitchen (we made twoberry, our combination of raspberry and blueberry). Serve it on top of flaky tea biscuits and a hot cup of joe – and you’re golden!


Delicious Berry Goodness!

Sweet Berry GoodnessWhen we were kids, all the women would gather in the kitchen to put up jams and preserves during harvest season. These days, we go walkabout, and make some delicious berry jam. It probably doesn’t cost less than store-made jam, but it has amazing flavour and there’s nothing like saying, “I made it myself”.

Best ways to use it: for breakfast in the middle of winter, on toast, or next day, on homemade biscuits.