Sweet and sour…something?

One of the first “exotic” recipes I learned? Sweet and sour meatballs. This has been adapted to use what you have, so feel free to substitute as necessary. In these #quarantinekitchen times, making do is a valuable skill. Let your creativity fly.

4 servings

1T cooking oil

1 medium onion

1T chopped fresh ginger

1 clove garlic

1 green pepper

1 lb ground beef, made into 1″/2.5cm balls

1 can pineapple chunks

1T/15 ml cornstarch (flour, in a pinch, or arrowroot flour)

1T/15 ml soy sauce or add salt or a bouillon cube

1T/15 ml brown sugar (or honey, sugar, maple syrup…)

1/2 cup/125ml water

In a frying pan (I used nonstick), heat some oil over medium heat. I mixed canola and sesame. Cook the onion and the garlic and the ginger, stirring. Use what you have – for the ginger, substitute candied or dried, or skip it. We put some hot sauce this time, because we had it. Why not? Don’t go all “pinkies up” on me. Use pickled garlic. Dried garlic. Garlic powder. None. You’ll be okay.

While that cooks, chop up a green pepper. (Or a carrot. Or a fennel. Bok choy. Honestly. Go wild). Put it in. Add the meatballs, lid it and turn it down until they are done (or if it is leftover meat, just make sure it heats through).

You don’t see meatballs, here, right? that’s because I used leftover roast pork. Beef would work. Or chicken. Or tofu. I also put a few sliced mushrooms to make up volume.

Fresh pineapple? Amazing. Use half. But that’s rare these days, am I right? Peaches would work, but a bit mushy. Frozen pineapple would also work. Mango. Use tangy fruit if you can. Once the meat is done, scoop out the pineapple and put it in the pan. Then add the remaining ingredients to the juice, stir, and pour over. Turn heat to medium and stir gently until it bubbles and clarifies. That’s it! Pour over rice or noodles or eat it plain. Enjoy!