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  • No fuss, no muss, and a whole lot of fibre…

    Last night I made a batch of one of my easiest homemade breads. It’s more of a method than a recipe, although the proportions have been worked out after much experimentation. (In the EAT section of my site, you’ll find other recipes, including other breads). There’s nothing like homemade bread for breakfast, or a sandwich, […]

  • Better For You Bread

    Better For You Bread

    If you’ve been following my posts for a while, you’ll remember my obsession last year with sourdough. I still love it, but the care and feeding of an infant dough all the time can be kind of time-consuming. I still follow my “no store bought loaves” rule pretty well all the time (even hamburger buns, […]

  • Sourdoughlicious!

    I don’t buy store bread, typically, except the occasional pitas or wraps. I make bread once a week and that’s more than enough for the two of us, even if we have dinner guests. Lately, I’ve really beenĀ on a sourdough kick – inspired by Michael Pollan’s Cooked. The idea of bread that rises without the […]

  • This is how we roll…

       Buns? Or rolls? Growing up we called them hamburger rolls. But now that we are more selective about what we eat, our favourites are these whole wheat sun dried tomato rolls. They’re great on their own, or filled with cheese, hummus, or a burger. This morning we filled them with home grown greens (lettuce, […]

  • If she's lucky, the girl will have one of these with her soup…

      Our daughter is coming tomorrow for a visit, in advance of her anniversary party. She tells me she’s sick, so soup will be in order. If we aren’t too greedy, she might get one of these as well. These sun dried tomato olive herb buns are adapted from an old favourite, the Weight Watchers New […]