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  • Our grandparents knew how to make the most of a little

    Our grandparents knew how to make the most of a little

    One of our favourite Sunday breakfasts? Pancakes. Especially in these lean times, when we’re working hard to use food that’s in the cupboard, they are a go-to. Hearty, satisfying, and delicious. Here’s the recipe I use. My grandmother wasn’t above using a biscuit mix, but she was just as adept at doing it this way. […]

  • Let's root, root, root for the team!

    Spring is coming, we believe, although the weather is being uncooperative. Here’s a grest dish for the last of those winter veg.    This is a lovely vegetable gratin. The directions are unspecific…yet easy.  Heat the oven to 400F. Spray a casserole dish with olive oil spray.  Now begin… Slice some vegetables thinly, by hand […]

  • Something from nothing…

    The fridge is starting to look a little bare as we get ready for a cleanup and refresh. Whether it’s because you’re going away, there’s a change of season, or your cupboards and fridge just need a good sorting, it helps cut down on waste if you take one day a week to cook just […]

  • And we are still eating it…

       We have really been focusing on local veg this week. One thing I love to make is a big Asian-inspired slaw. Although it began with a recipe, in truth, it is this simple:  Grate a bunch of winter veg – think celeriac, carrot, beet, turnip, cabbage. A food processor makes it  easy to do […]

  • Any meal, anytime…how can I use THIS up?

       For us, today is meal-planning and market day. We mostly plan dinners, eating leftovers the following day, or a salad or soup. At the end of the week we take stock: what didn’t we make? What made too much and needs to be used up? Last week we tried a recipe for bacon and […]

  • What Can You Put in a Pancake?

    Well, we managed to get shoveled out after a huge winter storm (thanks Paul, for the plow!) and over to the Parents’ house yesterday to deliver…the Internet! Mom and Dad are easing into the digital age. This morning all is right with the world – no quakes or anything. So we are continuing on our […]