Climbing into the Decompression Chamber

What a couple of weeks! Our part of the world seems to still be very much driven by the seasons, even in the urban parts. We’ve just wrapped up one of our big projects and turned our attention to another. I’ve started a new business…and of course it’s harvest time! Much roasting, canning and preserving has ensued.

But last night I realized it was time for a little decompression today. Sure, I have new customers coming to visit this afternoon, and a batch of sourdough bread in my future, but we are starting the morning with a leisurely, local breakfast. We could have gone to our friend Denis’ for the Full Monty breakfast, but we opted for the complete pj experience here at home. Martock Glen applewood smoked bacon, a large sunny side up egg, and whole grain toast. Delicious.


3 thoughts on “Climbing into the Decompression Chamber”

  1. I had scrambled eggs and a slice of fried ham for my Saturday morning protein boost. Cheers from Eastern Ontario! Looking forward to Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend, celebrating the harvest, a feast with family and friends.

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