Rhymes with Orange?


Last night we needed a fast, easy dinner that could be easily ignored while we decompressed and shared our day. The solution was this salmon – frozen fillets, oven poached in white wine with orange slices to keep the moisture in, and a sprinkling of chopped ginger and soy sauce.

On the side, garlic mashed red potatoes with the skin on, and some frozen peas. Quick food from the freezer that’s frugal, nutritious, and delicious – and the whole thing is ready, freezer to table, in about 30 minutes.

Sometimes Simple is Best


We started the morning with a serious workout, so a heavy breakfast seemed to defeat the purpose. It was a great opportunity to continue our exploration of the treats we began socking away in the freezer last summer!

Blueberries! Quick frozen without sugar, they only take a few minutes to thaw. (Or a minute or so in the micro if you are really in a rush). Top these with some organic yogurt, plain and unsweetened. A sprinkle of cinnamon will trick your tongue into thinking there is sugar, and if you add the crunch of a tablespoon or two of chopped almonds (roasted without salt) it is like a breakfast parfait. Round it out with half an English muffin and some peanut butter for extra protein. Tasty, fast, go!