A Breakfast Worth Celebrating

  It’s well known amongst our friends that we love a celebration. Today’s breakfast is a salute to Cinco de Mayo. One of the great things about having a multicultural family is more excuses to get together, reconnect, and of course, eat delicious food. Our whole wheat tortilla is topped with salsa, black beans, avocado, tomato and a scrambled egg. This will get us off to a running start, for sure!

Go-for-Gold Breakfast

We’re joining the rest of Canada for a little breakfast time hockey, before we head off to church. The eggs in our golden spicy scramble are combined with a red onion, a habanero pepper, a handful of mushrooms, some diced pancetta, and sage. On the side, molasses-baked kidney beans and some grilled polenta.

If this doesn’t get us going for the day, nothing will!


Poached Egg on…what?!?


Eat what you have.

In our continuing quest to finish up things in the freezer or cupboard before automatically heading to the grocery store, we try to keep this in mind. This also means judicious use of leftovers. A couple of nights ago we made a delicious pizza – caramelized onions, olives and mushrooms on a wheat crust, topped with just a little shaving of cheese. With lunch appointments yesterday, the extra slices were still in the fridge, and made a perfect base for a soft-poached egg. Truly, it was a gold medal breakfast.

Does This Taste Cheesy to You?

3000 steps and 7 km on the rower before 7am, while watching the medals for our Canadians at Sochi. These cheese-and-egg breakfast sandwiches will get us on our way. Whole wheat burger buns, bought on sale and frozen for later use, get a freshening in the toaster. Slather on a little Dijon and a couple of tomato slices. For each serving, cook two sliced mushrooms and pour a beaten egg on top. Add a light grating of sharp cheddar. It’ll wake up your mouth (and the rest of you) and keep you going til lunchtime.


What to Eat When your Plow Guy Quits and you Shovel for Three Hours


After the apple walnut oatmeal, you go to work like nothing happened out of the ordinary. I love Canada.

Peachy Pancakes


We’re heading down to the Valley today, to visit 99-year-old Grammy Hergett. So it seemed fitting to start the day with pancakes that remind us of the ones she used to make. We’ve updated the recipe (see our Whole Wheat Pancakes in the recipe tab) but kept all of the taste. Today we served them with Mom’s home-canned peaches and a little Greek-style yogurt.

On Our Way!

20120905-140528.jpg Today the journey east is really underway…with a stop in the north country to visit a friend. Where to eat on the road in Canada? Harvey’s! (All Canadian since 1959).

In the Pink

20120804-084101.jpg. This morning’s breakfast: a feast of colour. Tandoori cured pickerel from Hooked, some heritage tomatoes from the farmer’s market and the first from our garden, and a scrambled egg. Watching the Olympics. What a great start to the day. Go Canada!

I'm Dreaming of a White (Bean) Christmas

20111221-192955.jpg White Christmas? Think what you will about Canada, but in these parts, snow this week is an unlikely prospect. However we did have a wonderful life filled with freezing rain and other niceties today.

The cupboard is pretty bare…shopping is tomorrow. So we made a great warm-up dinner. For two, we cooked 3 ounces/90 g of whole wheat spaghettini. At the same time we sautéed a red onion in some olive oil. We chopped and tossed in a couple of small pepperoni. Then we added a 2c/500ml jar of diced tomatoes, put up in the summer. When it was simmering, we added 2c/500ml cooked white beans from Better Bulk (check our recipe page for baking beans). After the pasta reached al dente, we stirred it into the sauce, turned it to low, and simmered for 4 or 5 minutes. We served it with some thinly-sliced basil on top, and a nice glass of Cab-Shiraz.