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  • Hashtag #leftovercornedbeef

     The second best thing about St. Patrick’s Day is the day after. Assuming you paced yourself with the boiled dinner, there’s enough left for hash the next day. Cook it all up in a nonstick pan and top with an egg. If you’re worried about the calories, don’t forget: move more. Fortunately with yet […]

  • We've been harvesting deliciousness

    So many good things are coming out of the garden this time of year…it makes all the cold, wet planting in spring worth it. Today we had a small grilled steak with a little chipotle spice and the remains of our crunchy potato salad from the weekend. Paired with a lovely mix of greens (mizuna, […]

  • Summer is nearly here!

    We have lived in other jurisdictions where the middle of June seems like an unlikely start to summer. It’s already been hot for ages. But here in Atlantic Canada, even when the temperature is in the 20s (70s or 80s, my Fahrenheit friends), the wind is sufficient that it rarely feels hot. But today we […]

  • Happy Father's Day, Dads!

    We’ve just been going through albums looking at photos of our dads…and our kids with their dad. What a happy thing that is. But all that reminiscing was hard work, so we need a solid, manly breakfast. How about this? Leftover steak and mushroom pie from last night’s dinner… Delicious!

  • How do you say "Salisbury" in Italian?

    The cold, damp weather made for an uninspiring grilling day yesterday, so instead, we thought we would make some Salisbury steak from our ground beef. A check of the larder revealed sufficient missing ingredients that we needed to improvise. We started by putting 2 diced potatoes to boil – peel on, as they are great […]

  • Cream and Smoke are Signs of Spring

    Finally the snow is receding and the barbecue is accessible. We are working on the “use what is on sale or in the freezer” methodology, and this week we found a great deal on local ground beef. So in addition to making a batch of meatballs for later in the week, we made tomato, avocado […]

  • Awesome Burgers with Sesame Orange Dijon Salad

    The evenings are starting to cool off and the days are getting shorter. In just a few weeks I fear we will be faced with the f word…fall. But for now there is plenty of tremendous produce in the garden to make salad, and we grilled these juicy burgers. Putting a dent in the middle […]

  • Spice Up Your Salad!

    La princessa and her parents left this morning and now the house is eerily quiet. We’re so grateful to have had them with us for a few days, and glad they enjoyed our city by the sea. Today is also the day we get our diet and exercise routine back on track – so here’s […]

  • Out to Pasture

    It’s coming! Spring has nearly sprung. Today we were at the Halifax Seaport Market and picked up a delicious steak from Pasture Hill Farm. That, with a few blue fingerlings and a salad seemed like it would be a heavenly choice. We were just tallying up our purchases and we spotted them: local grape tomatoes […]

  • Eating the Dragon

    . Last night was The Man’s birthday and we celebrated with a prime rib roast. Today, the leftovers are in a redux of last week’s grilled salad: Per plate: Two good handfuls of baby greens 60-120g of sliced roast beef Drizzling of sun-dried tomato dressing 15-30 ml of Dragon’s Breath Blue, crumbled over top Nothing […]