Month: January 2016

  • Don't Waste the Taste!

    As part of our “use it up” series, today’s lunch is the remainder of last night’s fish pie.    It started with leftover celeriac gratin, to which we added some steamed carrots and sliced mushrooms. Any leftover veg would do, though. We also had part of a container of whipping cream, and of course, the […]

  • Saturday, and the Living is Easy

    Weekends are a great time for a relaxing breakfast – but this easy oatmeal recipe takes so little effort, we often have it on weekdays, too.    For two: Put in a microwaveable glass  or ceramic casserole: 1 diced Apple 3/4 c large flake or steel cut oats  A sprinkle of cinnamon  1/2 c chopped […]

  • Inspired DIY for Breakfast

       You might look at this bowl and see fruit, or delicious walnuts, or cinnamon. I, however, see yogurt. It’s yogurt I made myself.  I’ve been contemplating making my own yogurt for ages. The time was never right. I wasn’t organized, or finished off the yogurt, or didn’t have enough milk when the urge struck. […]

  • Using it Up, with Flavour!

       We had some roasted tofu in the fridge (for you vega phobics it almost tastes like chicken). The roasted root vegetable and red lentil soup was in the freezer from last week. (Abridged version: cook red lentils, add leftover cooked veg and a little water or broth, purée with a hand blender and a […]

  • Like this, but with a local twist…

    One of the most important ways to contain your food costs is to never waste. This week, we bought local produce. Yes, the cheese is imported, but we could just have easily used a local variety, if we hadn’t had to use this kind up. Here’s a link to the original recipe – although practically every […]

  • Healthy Made Simple

       Healthy choices are made out by some to be complicated. They are all about giving up things we love. Instead, let’s think about how we can simplify what we eat. We have half a leftover roast chicken in the fridge. (Learn to roast it yourself to avoid the excessive salt of the store’s rotisserie […]

  • Speedy Sunday Pancakes

       It’s Sunday morning and we are rushing around to get out the door (again). No excuse not to have a delicious breakfast in our bellies!  For two: In a blender, whirr  2T / 30ml flaxseed to grind (always keeps better if you grind as needed) Add 3/4 c  180ml buckwheat flour  2 t / […]

  • Fresh Winter Flavours

    It’s easy to get on a soup kick in the wintertime, but there are still lots of seasonal salad options, even as the cold weather has taken hold. We are fortunate to be able to get local, greenhouse-grown lettuce until spring returns, but cabbage or kale or other winter-hardy greens would work just as well. […]

  • Eat Veggies Any Way You Can!

       We’re well into the first week of 2016 and always looking for ways to get a few more plants into the diet, and to waste less. Today’s feature? An open-face, use-it-up omelette. It features leftover salad and some unfinished quark, but cottage cheese and any leftover veg would work. For two: 2c/500 ml leftover […]