Month: May 2014

  • Inspired by a Trip to the Market

    Halifax’s Brewery Market was full of fantastic things today – with the benefit of hothouses or a slightly milder microclimate than ours, their lettuce and spinach were way ahead. So after a blueberry muffin we picked up the delicious greens you see here. Then we hurried home to start transplanting, now that we finally are […]

  • The guy on the right is a bad egg…

    This Friday fixing of potato, onion, herbs, egg and tomato is looking good, except for the one whose yolk broke on the way into the pan… The last day at work before launching back to the world of running my own company needs to get off to a strong start. It’s not enough that my […]

  • What Cheshire cats must eat for lunch…

    These melts had us grinning like Cheshire cats…probably because of the cheese. We made a tuna salad, substituting Dijon for half the mayo, and dicing in a tomato. All this went on top of toasted flax bread, with a grate of Cheshire cheese to top it off. Under the broiler, and we were done. Lunch […]

  • How do you say "Salisbury" in Italian?

    The cold, damp weather made for an uninspiring grilling day yesterday, so instead, we thought we would make some Salisbury steak from our ground beef. A check of the larder revealed sufficient missing ingredients that we needed to improvise. We started by putting 2 diced potatoes to boil – peel on, as they are great […]

  • California Dream Breakfast

    After watching California Chrome win yesterday’s Preakness, I had California on my mind when it came to dreaming up a long-weekend breakfast idea. A ripe avocado sealed the deal. On a toasted English muffin, we layered the avocado…mashed with a little lime juice and chopped cilantro. Next, a handful of frozen corn, toasted in a […]

  • These eggs put a spring in our step…

    Although our garden is just beginning to spring to life, hothouse tomatoes are appearing from local farms, giving way to this delicious breakfast. For two, we split two whole-wheat English muffins, and placed them on a parchment-lined, broiler pan for easy cleanup. Under the broiler they went, just until the cheese was crispy. We weren’t […]

  • Gardening is hungry work!

    Yesterday was an absolutely glorious day, and hearing that there was snow in Calgary yesterday, we are grateful for the mild temperature we experienced. It let us get the garden cleaned up, prepped, and some cool weather crops sown for our spring table. Of course digging and weeding all this (and more) in a locale […]