Month: August 2013

  • So…much…produce!

    Wow! We are surrounded by a bountiful harvest. The consequence, of course, is that we have to find ways to use it all…and preserve what’s left for future use. So tonight’s adventure included a zucchini-orzo-pepper-goat cheese dish…after we finished putting two batches of roasted beets (golden and red), two batches of beet greens, and a […]

  • Awesome Burgers with Sesame Orange Dijon Salad

    The evenings are starting to cool off and the days are getting shorter. In just a few weeks I fear we will be faced with the f word…fall. But for now there is plenty of tremendous produce in the garden to make salad, and we grilled these juicy burgers. Putting a dent in the middle […]

  • Spice Up Your Salad!

    La princessa and her parents left this morning and now the house is eerily quiet. We’re so grateful to have had them with us for a few days, and glad they enjoyed our city by the sea. Today is also the day we get our diet and exercise routine back on track – so here’s […]

  • Pancakes Gone Wild

    We have almost completed our first year in our home near the ocean, and we continue to have new food discoveries every day. Our woods are full of blueberries – can you imagine picking fresh berries for breakfast, just outside your door? We can’t help but feel grateful. The recipe for these under the recipe […]

  • What Goes with Veggies

    We’re back from vacation with a distinct longing for vegetables – which seem to be in short supply when eating in many restaurants. Too much fat, salt and meat has left us hungry for fresh food. As luck would have it, our veggie garden has run rampant, so we have a surfeit of choice. Our […]

  • We Grew Our Lunch…and Have All These Veggies Left Over!

    Spoiler alert! We grew neither the tuna nor the ingredients for the dressing ourselves. But we did grow everything else (All seeds from Vesey’s or Halifax Seed) – a satisfying lunch after a morning of post-vacation weeding and laundry! Any combination of veggies would do, but we used: Simpson lettuce Vulcan lettuce Green and yellow […]