Month: December 2012

  • A Wintry Lunch

    . What a wintry day! On the way home from the last Mass of Advent, we stopped and watched the waves crashing on Queensland beach. The ocean in winter has awesome power. Arriving back at the house, we busied ourselves with cleaning out foods from the fridge, in preparation for all the upcoming meals at […]

  • Warm and Filling

    The first winter storm threatened with its presence today. Hard, driving rain and wind, mixed with a little snow. The kind of howling night that makes you want comfort food. But after a day of work, how can slow food be not so slow? We had some delicious white beans, pre-cooked, in the freezer. A […]

  • Smoked Salmon Sunday

    Yesterday was Christmas tree day…the local Lions Club had set up shop in the parking lot of our nearby grocery store. We stopped first for some provisions, including some delicious-looking peppered smoked salmon, from St. Mary’s Bay. So this morning, surrounded by the gorgeous smell of balsam fir in the house, we made smoked salmon […]