Happy Halloween!

20121031-212654.jpg First Halloween in the new house, we wondered if any kids would scale the big hill for treats, and they did! A few brave young souls came up to receive a chocolate reward. We finished off with an orange-themed dinner…baked squash, carrots, and a little poached cod. Simple and delicious.

Huevos, olé!

20121021-073119.jpgLast night we had visitors at the little house by the sea, a nice barbecue and plenty of reminiscing. We also had plenty of leftovers.

What to do on day two with the barbecue potato thing, a combination of peppers, onions, and potatoes? The time was right for a Spanish omelette. After reheating the potato dish in a skillet, I whisked in some eggs and bacon bits, and topped it with a sprinkling of aged cheddar. In a perfect world I would have had some Serrano jamòn and Manchego on hand, but that’s the joy of leftovers…using what’s on hand.

Veggie Delight!

20121002-225343.jpg. Meal planning has begun in earnest and life is beginning to normalize. Last night we tucked in to this delicious feast of quinoa, chickpeas, wilted greens, garlic and vinegar. We added a little avocado on the side for its creamy texture. Tasty!