Month: July 2011

  • Walkablefeast goes walkabout

    Recently we took some time away from our usual digs and spent a glorious week in the Franche Comte. We’ll be featuring some of the local foods we enjoyed while we were there – including this fresh-caught fish with haricots verts and a sort of rosti with comte cheese.

  • Fish of a Certain Stripe

    Mackerel. Slightly mineraly. Beautifully striped. A paradox to those who only know what to do with the pinky, meaty salmon, or the large-flaked cod. But mackerel is such a beautiful, special fish, it’s hard to resist. The husband bought these beautiful fillets at Hooked. It wasn’t the most pleasant day, so grilling was out of the […]

  • MMM…Who's Got your Goat (Cheese)?

    Sometimes you need to do a fridge-clearing. And you need lunch. What to do? The other day we had some tremendous soft goat cheese from Leslieville Market, that needed to be used or wasted. Combine that with some tasty spelt bread (made fom spelt from Monckton’s), and you have a perfect start. A long time ago […]

  • Skewered!

    The Belanger Brothers favoured us with some lamb leg steaks recently. They were a little big to just fire on the grill (if we wanted to keep in fighting trim). So we diced them into nice cubes and threaded them onto skewers. In between, we had mushrooms, baby tomatoes, yellow zucchini, and onion. When they […]

  • Cool and Crisp Salmon for a Warm Day

    We had some leftover salmon from Hooked, because it’s hard to resist taking the whole fillet when it’s there, glistening in the case. Coming home for lunch, we looked to see what we could do with it. The farmer’s market was featuring radishes, beans, and asparagus. We sliced the radish, and lightly tossed the green […]

  • So Delicious, We Could Spit…

    Himself went to Royal Beef one day recently, when the skies were blue and cloudless, and the barbecue was calling his name. What he found was this tremendous-looking pork roast. He dressed it with a little salt and pepper, some dry mustard, and put it on the spit. Slow, steady cooking was what it needed, […]

  • Birthday Pie!

    For some time now, Number One Son has opted for birthday pie, instead of birthday cake. This year was no exception. But we try to mix it up and make a different sort of pie each year. This year, that childhood classic, coconut cream, was the one. We had some wonderfully fresh eggs from Rowe […]

  • Red Deliciousness

    Recently we had some Copper River Salmon from Hooked. It looked sublime, even before it was cooked. We took the fillet and rubbed it down with a little olive oil, then chopped some herbs over it – green onion, tarragon, oregano, and garlic chives. We sprinkled some dry mustard over, and gave it a very […]

  • There's a Reason to Freeze your Beans!

    Remember back in the spring, when we were baking and freezing batches and batches of beans? This was one of them – white beans with rosemary. Fast-forward to a blisteringly hot day, and those frozen beans came in handy. We put them on the counter to thaw in the morning, and stuck them back in […]

  • Another Grain in your Bread? How's that Spelt?

    A week or so ago we picked up some amazing spelt flour from Monckton Organic Farms. It makes tremendous bread, and also pasta. We even made some pizza this week, using their amazing flour in the crust. Every bit turned out to be delicious. If you don’t have the time or inclination to make the […]