Searching for Spring

As we go around the neighbourhood searching for spring, it’s almost as if we’re wishing away the time. On the upside, Carter’s is open for the season (hurray)! Still no Farmer’s Market action, but we’re hopeful.

In the meantime we have some lamb chops and salad stuff, and we’re planning on grilling. That can make us feel like spring, anytime! The lamb chops are marinating in a little olive oil (we’re blessed with lots of great EVOO sources that are walkable), some red wine vinegar, a few spring onions from the urban farm (or backyard, to the uninitiated), some chopped garlic, and a tablespoon or so of dried oregano…

These are just some discount grocery store chops we got down the street…not beautifully-trimmed butcher chops. But with a little TLC, they’re gonna taste great!

What do you think?