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  • Manifesto for a Good Life

    Manifesto for a Good Life

    This meatless burger isn’t vegan, because I’m more of a flexatarian – I mostly eat plant-based foods, but I do eat some animal products and a small amount of meat and fish. By small, I mean often only a single serving of meat and one of fish in a week. I’m not doing this for […]

  • Tomato Cheddar Quiche

    Tomato Cheddar Quiche

    When tomatoes are in season and you need yet another recipe, this quiche is gorgeous and delicious.

  • Something spicy – curry in a hurry

    Something spicy – curry in a hurry

    Easy food is the best food. Yes, you can order in. And it can be delicious. Or it can be cold, overly salted, too fatty, and full of things you know you shouldn’t eat. So if you arm yourself with a few quick options, you can rustle up a meal whenever you’re hungry. Here’s one […]

  • Sweet…and sour. Like me.

    Some say, I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey, than everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s today’s frugal kitchen meal. Sweet and sour…something. Remember, in these times, use what you have. There are no rules. Substitute as necessary. That’s true in your work, your food, or whatever else you have “should” rules about. All you need […]

  • What to eat when you’re avoiding the world…

    What to eat when you’re avoiding the world…

    Lovely layers. If you’re looking for a simple dinner that uses up vegetables, I can’t think of anything better than this vegetable strata, with the exception, perhaps, of soup. Whenever I make it, I start with potato – but you could use turnip, beets, pretty much anything that’s round and can be sliced. Potato will […]

  • Soup, glorious soup!

    It doesn’t take much to make a quick pot of soup for lunch. I already had a cup of cooked beans (white beans with rosemary and garlic) in the fridge. I made those at an earlier time and froze part of the batch for future use. I like to do several kinds of beans on […]

  • Our grandparents knew how to make the most of a little

    Our grandparents knew how to make the most of a little

    One of our favourite Sunday breakfasts? Pancakes. Especially in these lean times, when we’re working hard to use food that’s in the cupboard, they are a go-to. Hearty, satisfying, and delicious. Here’s the recipe I use. My grandmother wasn’t above using a biscuit mix, but she was just as adept at doing it this way. […]

  • Your Creativity will Carry You Through

    We’ve been conditioned to shop. Programmed, really. Even with food. We live in one of the most abundant countries in the world, and the minute someone tells us we can’t have something, we run after it like desperate lemmings. Or at least that’s how it appears. Today is March 28th. I’ve been in my little […]

  • What are you eating?

    Our grandmothers or great grandmothers (or for some of us, our mothers), used to keep stores of food that looked like this. It was preserved to survive without refrigeration. They worked like fiends during the summer heat, boiling and salting and preserving in a myriad of ways, to ensure that they would be prepared for […]

  • Bean, Corn and Mushroom Burgers

    It seems all the fast food places have been on the fake meat train lately, but as usual I’m not thrilled with food that’s made in a plant. (Better to eat mostly food that you make from plants). On that note, last night’s burgers. Not vegan, although they could easily be. Instead, try this. Per […]

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